Founded in 2006, by LaSelle “Big Boy” Spain, Big Boy Entertainment has tasked itself with not only creating an abundance of premium quality music and entertainment but also with actively elevating their local communities through various philanthropic endeavors.

Daily operations are handled by Company President Deboris “BUC$” Lanier. University of Alabama Alumnus & Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Brother, BUC$ has been a driving force in the music label’s growth since it’s inception.

Winner of the prestigious Alabama Music Award’s “Indie Label of the Year” award, as well as the SCM “Label of the Year” Award, Big Boy Entertainment has only gained momentum as it’s hard-fought strategic business model matures.

Big Boy Entertainment artists have shared performance bills with the likes of Lil Wayne, Sean Paul, Dirty Boyz, Yung Bleed (No Limit Records), & Fiend, among others, not only gaining new fans & exposure to new markets but cementing relationships along the way.

The current Big Boy Entertainment performance roster includes Kings of Dixie, Hattie B, BUC$, Ced Low, Guy Daniels, Tru, Charsee Marks, Bruh C, Yung Fee, Carroline Shines Edwards, Gruuve Gang, SnapBacc Tony, Big Boy, Omega Cipherella, C-How & Boss Life Mafia among others.

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